Sentry Insurance blue chairs Sentry Insurance blue chairs

Blue Chair facts

Wondering why two blue chairs are sitting on the Plantation Course? Here’s the connection to our brand.

Two shades of vibrant blue upholstery mirror the colors in the Sentry® logo:

  • Each chair matches the color of one of two blue single-quote marks that combine to make the icon after the Sentry name
  • The chairs, like the quotes, represent two sides of a conversation
Sentry Insurance blue chairs The Sentry Insurance brand is built on the power of conversation:

Where you’ll see the chairs:

  • First appeared in late 2016, after our rebranding in August 2016
  • They appear in business-oriented media, like trade magazine and online ads
  • They’re part of our marketing campaign, “Right By You”  
  • The chairs show up in unusual places (in the middle of an auto dealer’s lot, a factory floor, etc.)
  • They always face each other, like two people in a conversation

They represent an invitation from us to you:

  • “Sit down. Let’s talk. How can we help you protect your business, your employees, and your future?”
  • We seek a conversation in balance, not a one-sided sales pitch

What Sentry can offer in that conversation:

  • Deep understanding and knowledge of business insurance for specific industries
  • Dedicated safety services
  • Efficient claims management

The chairs also appear:

  • In Sentry offices
  • At trade shows 
  • On Kapalua’s Plantation Course

About our brand

  • We launched a new logo and other brand elements in August 2016, the first company rebrand since the 1960s, soon followed by the "Right By You" campaign
  • The logo represents what our customers say about us—we’re easy to talk to, we get to know them, and we work together to find the right solutions for them
  • Through visibly emphasizing the power of conversation, our logo (along with other brand elements) portrays Sentry as a smart, approachable, pragmatic, and trustworthy company
  • Sentry brand applies to our business insurance and related products, including our 401(k) and other retirement programs

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