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Staying connected

Let’s meet today’s challenges together.

Sentry is a company built on the power of conversation. These days, we miss the opportunity to get together in person for a cup of coffee. For now, many simple things that build relationships with customers and colleagues aren't practical.

Someone talking on the phoneYet, despite current conditions, we’re focused on staying in touch to maintain strong personal connections. Our teams make the most of new communication tools like video chats, internally and with customers.

The move to a virtual world happened suddenly. At Sentry, it also happened smoothly. Perhaps because being prepared is important to us—and definitely because of quick action by our Information Technology team—95% of Sentry associates seamlessly switched to work-at-home situations almost overnight. Our IT team’s proactive approach and continuing dedication lets us remain connected to each other, and to be easily accessible and responsive to customers and claimants alike.

Virtual connections aren't always the answer. Our associates are committed to setting a good example when conducting essential, in-person tasks, like safety reviews and damage inspections. They follow strict travel and site-visit protocols, mask up, and observe social distancing. Our safety team shares these tips and more to help others, build peace of mind, and promote the idea that we can create solutions when we all work together.

The lessons we learn overcoming challenges now will matter later. Some of the tools we use today will be useful when normalcy returns. We’ll be glad to have them when, together, we shift our conversation to new opportunities.

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