Golf course with a Sentry sign Golf course with a Sentry sign

Why we love golf

Our connections to golf build connections with people.

It's a game that provides us the opportunity to connect with our customers, brokers, and agents in ways that help us understand them and their business.

Golf spectators

Golf allows time for talking, listening, and thinking. Brief conversations can build over the course of a round.

As a mutual insurer, we’re in the business of relationships. Since opening our parkland course, SentryWorld®, in 1982, we find investing time on our course with customers helps us deliver on our promise to do right by them.

Our already strong connection to golf led, in part, to signing a five-year contract when the PGA TOUR was searching for a new title sponsor of the Tournament of Champions in 2017—a deal we’ve since extended 10 more years.

“During the season, many of our customers tune in to PGA TOUR events,” says Pete McPartland, Sentry chairman of the board, president, and CEO. “I do as well. Especially when the snow’s flying here in central Wisconsin. I've enjoyed watching Tournament of Champions coverage from Hawaii when the ground outside my window’s frozen.” 

Since our business is built on relationships and starting conversations, Alex Urban, the PGA TOUR’s executive director of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, agrees that the partnership is “just such a natural fit.”

Year after year, our PGA TOUR sponsorship allows us to deepen connections with business leaders, families, and golf fans alike. Even in a year where distance has taken priority, the Sentry Tournament of Champions and our shared passion for golf has helped us strengthen those bonds and kept the lines of communication open.

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