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Choosing Investment Options

Qualified Retirement Plans

Sentry takes the time to make sure you understand your retirement plan alternatives. A retirement plan best suited for your unique retirement plan needs can be designed for you.

Diversified Platform of Investment Options

Sentry offers full-service retirement plans with an extensive platform of investment options that allow you to choose investment options that meet your risk and diversification needs.

You select the investment options for your plan from well-known respected companies such as: Janus, T. Rowe Price, The Vanguard Group, PIMCO, Franklin Templeton and Sentry Investment Management LLC.

Sentry’s Investment choices meet a variety of investment needs, including:

  • Target retirement (life-cycle) accounts
  • Index accounts
  • Actively managed accounts
  • Small, Mid- and Large-Cap Accounts
  • Balanced accounts
  • International and Global Growth Accounts
  • Guaranteed Fund Account

You can customize your retirement plan with many different investment options available or simply select one of the lineups chosen by Mesirow Financial to satisfy the diversification requirements.

Morningstar Advisory Services

Each of Sentry’s investment options is star-rated and assigned into one of Morningstar’s nine style boxes. This information is useful when analyzing and designing portfolios for you and your employees.

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