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Morningstar® Advisory Services

Many employees have recognized the need to save for retirement, but admit they don’t have the understanding or resources available to create a portfolio that will help them reach their retirement goals.

Sentry has teamed up with Morningstar Investment Management LLC to offer Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM – a valuable investment advisory service for you and your employees.

By selecting Sentry as your retirement plan provider you and your employees will have access to Managed by Morningstar® and Managed by You:

  • Managed by Morningstar – a managed account service that provides participants with automatic portfolio set-up, ongoing monitoring and professional investment management of their retirement account
  • Managed by You – a wide range of resources to help self-directed participants make more informed investment decisions

There isn’t a charge for adding Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM to your current 401(k) program (though a participant level fee is charged to participants who choose to use the Managed by Morningstar® option). In addition, this service is a great way to improve your benefits program and gain fiduciary support from Morningstar Investment Management LLC, which accepts responsibility for investment advice given.


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