Sentry Risk Factor

Is your dealership’s risk management best in class? We want to help you get there. As a business insurance company with experience in the dealer industry, we can help protect your business when you experience a loss. But at Sentry, we want to do more than just help protect your dealership and your employees—we want to work with you to prevent losses from happening in the first place.

That’s why we offer Sentry Risk Factor, our risk assessment tool designed specifically for dealerships like yours.

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Your risk management report

To get started with Sentry Risk Factor, we'll meet with you to discuss operations and safety culture at your dealership. Based on the details of our conversation, we'll use our Sentry Risk Factor tool to create a detailed report with the following information.


Sentry Risk Factor evaluates your risk management in five categories: Safety culture, auto risk, building and inventory risks, service practices, and premises observations.

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Based on our conversation, Sentry Risk Factor assigns you one of three rankings in each category, and one overall ranking.


Additional resources

The report lists resources specific to areas of opportunity at your dealership. We’ll provide resources to help you implement recommendations and get on the path to being best in class.

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Interested in learning about how you can start reducing risk at your business today? Take a look at these downloadable resources.

Prevent fires in your shop
The biggest threat of fire in your shop might be a $50,000 vehicle—or a 5-cent rag.

Understand hidden costs
All accidents have indirect costs—many of which you may not anticipate until it’s too late. These hidden costs can greatly exceed the amount your insurance company covers.

Identify and train quality drivers
Whether your employees drive personal or company vehicles, they represent your business when they travel for business.

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