Managing your employees who have COVID-19

You should always have an open line of communication with your management team and employees. Keeping your employees up to date on their work status allows them to plan and lets them know they’re an important part of the operation.

Keeping in touch with your employees also allows you to know how they’re doing and if you need to take any additional measures when they return to work. Be sure to communicate with your staff to share proper procedures if they’re sick, have been sick, or exposed to someone who has been sick.

Employees who are sick or who are currently recovering from COVID-19 shouldn’t return to work until they’re healthy and no longer contagious. The CDC has guidance on recovery timelines for different scenarios:

If an employee had symptoms but didn’t require medical care or a COVID-19 test, they can return when:

  • At least three days have passed since their recovery (fever and any respiratory symptoms are clear, without any medication), and
  • At least 10 days have passed since they first noticed symptoms

If an employee had a confirmed positive COVID-19 test and are symptom-free and healthy, they can return to work seven days after their first positive test result.

For employees with a medically confirmed COVID-19 test and who are experiencing ongoing symptoms, the employee can only be allowed back to work if:

  • They’ve had a full recovery from any fever or respiratory symptoms without medication, and
  • They’ve had two negative COVID-19 tests, at least 24 hours apart, performed by a medical professional

It's important you continue to regularly check with your company's healthcare provider and the CDC website for any changes in these recommendations. For more information on this topic, visit the CDC webpage.

If you have questions, please reach out to your assigned safety consultant or account manager, or contact us if we can be of further assistance.

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