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Applies to Illinois customers:
Exceptions for consumers in disaster areas

Description of Illinois
Company Bulletin 2018-12

The Illinois Department of Insurance has issued a Company Bulletin 2018-12, regarding exceptions for consumers in disaster areas. The bulletin addresses moratoriums on cancellation and nonrenewal and other safeguards for consumers affected by the disaster.

Sentry Insurance Group, ("Sentry"), will implement the following actions for those Illinois customers impacted by the storm damage.

  • Moratorium on cancellations and nonrenewals. For any cancellation or nonrenewal notice issued on or after November 23, 2018 on any in-force policy to an affected policyholder or respecting affected property, Sentry will reinstate policies without a lapse in coverage, except auto policies issued under the Dairyland® brand. Policyholders with Dairyland® brand auto policies should contact Sentry and request reinstatement.
    In addition, Sentry will not issue any new cancellation or nonrenewal notices to affected policyholders or for affected property until January 23, 2019, or a later time if deemed reasonable given an individual consumer's circumstance, except policies issued under the Dairyland® brand. Policyholders with Dairyland® brand policies will continue to receive these notices. However, if the policyholder pays the premium, Sentry will not enforce the cancellation or nonrenewal.
  • Other insurance-related time-period extensions. Sentry will grant to affected policyholders an extension of any and all policy provisions or other requirements that impose a time limit for an insured or claimant to perform any act, including the submission of a claim or proof of loss, reporting of information, submission of bills, or payment of funds. Such extension should be for a minimum of 60 days from the last date allowed or required under the terms of the contract or allowed or required by Sentry, or longer if deemed reasonable given an individual consumer's circumstance.
  • Time-period extension for repairs. In the event repairs on affected property cannot be completed within the time period required under any policy, or within the 90-day time period for repairs prior to termination due to condition of the property [215 ILCS 5/143.27], Sentry will provide consumers with an extension of not less than 60 days to make such repairs.
  • Cancellation or nonrenewal respecting affected property. Although otherwise allowed under Illinois law, Sentry will refrain from cancelling or nonrenewing insurance policies respecting affected property due to "increase in the risk originally accepted" [215 ILCS 5/143.21 and.21.1] or due to the geographic location of the risk [215 ILCS 5/155.22].
  • Other exceptions to policy or contract requirements or rating or underwriting rules. Sentry will consider exceptions to policy or contract requirements, or to other rating or underwriting rules not otherwise listed herein, when such contractual requirements or rating or underwriting rules are not met as a result of this disaster. Exceptions to policy or contract requirements or rating or underwriting rules should include instances where an insured is displaced from his or her home and is unable to obtain non-emergency medical services from a network provider.

Who to contact

Please be advised that Illinois consumers may call the Department’s toll free complaint hotline at 1-866-445-5364, or file a complaint online at https://mc.insurance.illinois.gov/messagecenter.nsf


Applies To New York Customers
Confidentiality Protocols for Victims of Domestic Violence

Description of New York,
Regulation 168

No individual shall be discriminated against in obtaining, retaining, or canceling an insurance policy or contract solely based on being a victim of domestic violence. In addition, as long as court-issued protection is in place for non-accident and health insurance (example life or annuity insurance) or a reasonable request for accident and health insurance (example dental, long term care or disability insurance) has been made for confidentiality due to domestic violence, the individual’s address and contact information will not be disclosed.

New York Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-942-6908 (Spanish Language)

Procedures for Handling a Request for address confidentiality due to Domestic Violence

All Confidential Protections will be implemented within three days.

  1. Acceptable notification is either a reasonable request in writing or a protective order for accident and health insurance or a valid order of protection for non-accident and health insurance. This can come from either the covered individual, their legal representative, or if a child, the child’s parent or guardian.
  2. Sentry will not disclose the address or telephone number of the individual or any child residing with the individual unless the request for confidentiality has been revoked or express consent has been given by the individual.
  3. Confidential records include the street address, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number, or any other personal identifying information. Confidential information also includes provider’s names, addresses, and telephone numbers. In addition, the nature of covered services or any other information that may be deemed confidential or may be used to obtain confidential information will be protected. Finally, confidentiality includes the fact that we received a request or valid order of protection
  4. As part of the request, an alternative address, telephone number, or other method of contact will be accepted.

Who to Contact

Life & Annuities 1-800-473-6879
Policy Benefits (Life and Disability Claims) 1-800-473-6879
Pensions 1-800-473-6879
Group Insurance 1-800-473-6879
Standard Consumer Products 1
Dairyland Branded Products 1


Applies to Texas Customers of the Student Accident and Special Risk Accident-Only Products

Description of formulary information for Texas insureds

Texas requires insurers to provide health benefit plan formulary information on their website. This is to inform you that our health benefit plans, Student Accident and Special Risk, do not use formularies.

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