System requirements

For the best sentry.com experience, make sure your web browser and operating system are up to date.

We want you to enjoy visiting sentry.com, but if you’re using an outdated web browser or operating system, you may not be able to get the most out of our site. In fact, some things won’t work at all. That’s why we’ve included the following web browser and operating system recommendations. You can upgrade to the latest version of your web browser with these links:

When visiting sentry.com:

  • Be sure to enable cookies—you can read our online privacy policy to learn why.
  • Use broadband Internet access.
  • Check that you’re using the latest version of your chosen web browser. If you’re not sure which version you’re using, visit whatbrowser.org. If it turns out you’re using an outdated version, use the links above to upgrade.
  • Make sure your chosen web browser supports encryption.
  • As you update your browser, keep in mind that sentry.com doesn’t support:
    • Beta or development browser versions—you’ll need to use an officially released version.
    • Browsers in Compatibility Mode (only applies to Internet Explorer).
    • Third-party browser extensions or plug-ins.

Sentry.com supports the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox 38.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome 42.0 or higher
  • Safari 8.0 or higher

Operating system requirements

Windows® operating system:
  • Windows 7 or higher
Macintosh® operating system:
  • Mac OS Yosemite, version 10.10 or higher

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