A map highlighting central Wisconsin and Maui A map highlighting central Wisconsin and Maui

A tale of two communities: Maui and Stevens Point

Cultural similarities connect Maui and central Wisconsin.

While short sleeves and sun hats are standard attire at The Sentry, parkas and knit stocking caps are common outdoors in January in central Wisconsin, site of our home office and where about half of our associates live.

Climate differences aside, among the things we at Sentry love about Maui are the cultural similarities the island community shares with Stevens Point and the rest of central Wisconsin—we're alike enough to feel comfortably among family when we visit.

Taking pride in our land

With deep agricultural roots, Maui and Wisconsin are largely rural. We share an understanding that conserving natural resources is vital to health and future prosperity.

We both offer:

  • Local, sustainable, farm-to-table initiatives and restaurants
  • Numerous farming operations for important agricultural products (dairy, corn, and soy in Wisconsin; sugar cane, coffee, and pineapple in Maui)
  • Educational tracks—at the universities of Wisconsin–Stevens Point and Hawai‘i Maui College—designed to teach sustainability and how to balance natural resources with human needs

Embracing local arts and culture

Communities flourish when we embrace the unique creative spirit of our local artists through educational opportunities that enrich the lives of locals and tourists alike. Community-supported venues and organizations that put special emphasis on local art in similar ways include:

  • On Maui, the Maui Arts League, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Maui Academy of Performing Arts, Maui OnStage and the Historic lao Theatre, and Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center
  • In Stevens Point, the Annette and Dale Schuh Riverfront Arts Center, Gallery Q artists cooperative, Smith Scarabocchio Art Museum, Edna Carlsten Art Gallery, and Stevens Point Sculpture Park

Serious about golf

Our communities are known for great golf courses with distinctive beauty and playability. Traveling players put them on destination golf lists. At Sentry, we’re proud to be affiliated with two championship-level courses:

Being title sponsor of a signature event on the PGA TOUR on Maui provides us an opportunity to shed our snow boots in winter. It lets us join together in the love of the sport and extend the scope of our charity—and the Sentry community—to a special place. Maui, despite its many differences when compared to central Wisconsin, still feels very much like home. Or, as they say on Maui, “hale.”

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