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Let’s work together to bring an end to distracted driving

Distracted driving is a prevalent issue on our roads, claiming thousands of lives each year. It takes only a moment of distraction—from a phone, the stereo, or a conversation—to irreversibly change lives. Together, we can help prevent these tragedies by pledging to drive attentively.

Explore the resources below to learn more about distracted driving and the potentially life-altering consequences you and others on the road could face if an incident occurs.

The Goeltz family

In 2016, Tom and Wendy Goeltz lost their daughter, Megan, in a car crash caused by a man accused of distracted driving. Now they’re victim advocates, pushing for more awareness and stronger restrictions on distracted driving.

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Take the safe driving pledge

To help make our roads safer for everyone, take this pledge from the National Safety Council. By signing the pledge, you’re committing to avoiding all forms of distraction, and speaking up when others are distracted.

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How prevalent is distracted driving?

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Distracted driving resources

Save and share these resources to help prevent distracted driving at your business.


How technology can help


Motive is a leader in automated operations, providing resources like live vehicle GPS tracking, maintenance monitoring, and up-to-date compliance records. Their vehicle telematics systems can provide you with driving event and collision data so you can implement educational trainings to change driver behavior.


To help our customers establish strong, sustainable hiring practices, we offer services through InCheck. You’ll get reduced pricing on comprehensive background and employment screening solutions, including motor vehicle records (MVRs) for prospective employees, that can help you avoid claims of negligent entrustment.

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Eight seconds

In this video from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Sam Hendricks talks about the fatal crash that killed 54-year-old Robert Bursik. In 2018, Hicks was driving on a Minnesota highway when he looked down at his phone for eight seconds—changing the lives of two families forever.

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More information on distracted driving

Explore the websites below to find more resources from government agencies and other organizations.

National Safety Council
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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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Foundation for Traffic Safety
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Governors Highway Safety Association
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Impact Teen Drivers
View website

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