Two men talking as one man climbs into semi cab Two men talking as one man climbs into semi cab

Cab safety

Tips to protect yourself climbing in and out of cabs

Getting in or out of heavy trucks or even smaller equipment like forklifts can sometimes be awkward. The cabs can be high off the ground where a misstep or fall can lead to hurt knees, ankles, and shoulders—or even broken bones.

But there are ways you can protect against that. We’ve put together some simple guidelines to follow when getting into or out of a cab:

  • Park the machine in a safe area before exiting: Look for ice, mud, and uneven terrain that can make exiting or entering the cab dangerous. Park in the most stable area possible.
  • Inspect steps and handholds before use: Check for damage or the build-up of mud or other debris. Fix it before getting in or out.
  • Enter and exit the cab properly: Face the equipment when climbing into or out of the cab. It’s easier to slip while facing away and that could lead to a face-first landing or other injury.
  • Maintain three points of contact while going up or down: Have two good handholds before climbing the first step. Hurrying and having only one hand or foot in contact with the step or ladder can be dangerous.
  • Never jump from the machine: Take your time and go home safe.

By following these simple steps, you can help reduce the chance of accidents around the workplace.

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