Claim Information at Your Fingertips.
A single, smart destination to track all your claims.
Search, sort and manage.
For insurance risk management, time is money. With Sentry Insight, you have both a comprehensive overview as well as complete claim detail information, whenever and wherever you need it. You can search your claims by claimant, claim type, date and many other variables. Our extensive Claim Detail view includes an overview, notes and documents, with the ability to drill down to specific financial, compensation and legal details. With predefined claim views and the ability to create custom views, we give you the information you need, just the way you want it.

For brokers and agents, Sentry Insight strengthens your relationships
by providing customizable, easy-to-share information for each
individual customer.

Strength, Protection and Vigilance: Sentry Insight is just the latest in
a long line of products and services that help us deliver on this promise.
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