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2022 Annual Report

Discover how our initiatives throughout 2022 aligned with our business strategy of building for a better tomorrow—today.

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A message from Pete

At Sentry, we understand the importance of managing for both the short and long game—attending to our customers’ current needs and challenges, while strategically planning for and investing in the future.

Our strategy for success involves accessing new markets, investing in new technologies, developing a strong talent pipeline, and continuing to leverage golf in ways that strengthen our business. These efforts set us up for success today, while positioning us for a strong future—one where we lead the way in a constantly changing business landscape.

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Growing our market access

Our growth strategy focuses on markets where we have a deep understanding of the risks and can offer our knowledge to further help protect businesses.
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Building our talent pipeline

We’ve continued to add skilled talent to serve our customers by entering new employment markets and investing in higher education.
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Strengthening our ties to golf

Deepening our relationship with the PGA TOUR has been a smart decision for us. That's why we’ve extended our sponsorship of The Sentry through 2035.
Maui, Hawaii to Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Investing in our communities

Through our Connected Communities initiative, community leaders from both Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Maui met in person to share ideas on education, community services, and the arts. 

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