Symptom screening tool

Welcome to the Sentry health screening assessment. Together with other precautions during the current COVID-19 pandemic, this tool asks our associates and visitors to conduct a daily self-evaluation to determine if they're experiencing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus before they enter a Sentry facility or visit a company customer. This simple tool helps determine if those entering the workplace may have, or may have been exposed to, COVID-19 so they can remain off our campus and avoid transmitting the virus to others. Once you have responded to the questions asked in the assessment tool, you'll be advised as to next steps.

Neither the assessment tool nor Sentry save your identity or responses. The only information Sentry retains is the number of times the tool has been used in a given time period and which work locations associates are visiting. By using this assessment tool, you consent to the inquiries in the assessment, and, by your presence at a Sentry facility on any day, you attest to the fact that you used the assessment tool on the day of your visit, truthfully responded to its inquiries, and are following the direction provided in the tool.

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