We'll help you keep your drivers safe

The traits shared by safe truck drivers

With the hours and miles your drivers spend on the road, safety is key. At Sentry, we offer a range of resources—from guides to inspection forms—that will help your drivers stay safe. Watch this video to see why experienced drivers and safety professionals believe all truckers should take a proactive approach to their own safety, from attitude and situational awareness to pre-trip inspections.

Consider this


Large truck crashes caused by traveling too fast for conditions.


Vehicle crashes caused by driver error.


Focus on driving safe.

Safety resources


Defensive driving

By staying focused, avoiding distractions, and using defensive driving strategies to see problems early, drivers are more likely to avoid unsafe situations.


Staying safe and focused behind the wheel

Today’s drivers are exposed to an array of in-cab electronic devices, which can divert their attention. That’s why helping them avoid distraction when driving is essential.


Innovations in safety

At Sentry, we’re proud to collaborate with Lytx® to provide you with innovative tools like the DriveCam® safety program, which can help improve fleet safety.

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