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Your 401(k) investment options

We offer a variety of investment options to help build your retirement portfolio

Fixed income funds

Our Fixed income funds include market-valued bond funds as well as the Sentry Guaranteed Fund. Fixed income funds are generally considered to be less risky than equity funds, and are generally expected to have lower long-term returns than equity funds.

Equity/income blended funds

Our Equity/income blended funds are separate accounts including bonds for income and common stocks for growth. Blended funds are generally riskier than fixed income funds, but generally less risky than equity funds.

Equity funds

Our Equity funds are separate accounts that invest primarily in stock mutual funds. They are commonly referred to as stock funds.

Target retirement funds

Our target retirement funds are separate accounts designed and managed around an anticipated retirement date. Our target retirement funds are designed to become more conservative as you approach retirement.


Understanding your investment options

Interested in learning more about investing? Our glossary of terms is a good place to start.

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