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Target retirement funds

As your age goes up, your risk goes down

Our target retirement funds, sometimes referred to as target date funds, are separate accounts designed and managed around an anticipated retirement date. They are comprised of a mix of bonds for income and common stocks for growth.

Our target retirement funds may be generally more stable and less risky than equity funds, and they are designed to become more conservative as you approach retirement. Target retirement funds are a good investment option for people who prefer diversification and automatic rebalancing, but want help making investment decisions.

Our target retirement funds

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AS OF 9-30-2019
10.29 6.75 5.10 4.57 5.77
9.68 5.68 5.72 5.07 7.10
11.26 6.08 6.18 5.33 7.27
10.29 5.65 6.06 5.34 7.52
12.61 5.29 7.03 5.93 7.94
10.57 5.18 6.69 5.81 8.16
13.70 4.89 7.77 6.39 8.48
11.55 4.50 7.57 6.36 9.09
14.28 4.15 8.29 6.67 8.92
12.72 3.86 8.74 7.20 9.77
14.77 3.37 8.78 6.92 9.34
14.16 3.03 9.68 7.80 10.09
15.35 2.63 9.34 7.19 9.62
14.62 2.70 10.03 8.01 10.25
14.75 2.52 10.22 8.14 10.31
15.69 2.06 9.41 7.23 9.65
15.71 2.07 9.49 7.28 9.68
14.84 2.39 10.31 8.20 10.35
15.69 2.09 9.41 7.21 N/A
14.90 2.40 10.29 8.19 N/A
14.88 2.38 10.25 N/A N/A
15.72 2.07 9.49 7.24 N/A

Performance figures above include the reinvestment of all dividend and capital gain distributions and are net of mutual fund and portfolio expenses. For most cases, a daily Separate Account Fee will be applied for sales, marketing, taxes, account compliance, overhead and legal/audit fees. This fee reduces the total returns of the Separate Accounts quoted above.

The information contained in this chart is for illustrative purposes only and is not an indication of future performance. The investment return and principal value of a Separate Account will fluctuate along with changes in the underlying mutual fund or portfolio so that units, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Sentry earns a return on cash pending investments, generally at a market rate. These earnings are used to offset Sentry's operating expenses.

1 No transfers are allowed into a Vanguard Fund for 30 days following a transfer out of that same fund.

An investment's past performance is not necessarily an indication of how the investment will perform in the future.

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