Building our talent pipeline

Our employees drive our continued success

With our strong financial position, generous benefits package, and focus on employee professional and personal development, we’re an attractive option for prospective employees.

In the tight labor market of 2022, however, we took additional creative steps to grow our workforce, including entering new employment markets, investing in higher education, and shortening our hiring process.

Reaching new talent

Supporting a path from college to career

We thrive, in part, due to our 100-year relationship with the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point (UWSP) and the graduates who become Sentry employees. From endowing a data analytics major to offering students internships and co-op positions, we’re helping the next generation kickstart their career. 

In the following video, Javier Sotelo, Senior Director of Talent at Sentry, shares how our internship and co-op programs also pave the way for new talent at Sentry. Liliana Boyle, a former student in the Data Analytics program at UWSP, and current Sentry employee, explains how her internship with us made for an easy transition to a full-time position.

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As a Sentry employee, you’ll enjoy a healthy work/life balance, plus access to personal and professional development tools.

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