Doug Noll

Doug Noll

Region Manager

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“At Sentry, we make it our business to get to know your business.”

About Doug Noll

In my role as region manager, I work hard to help businesspeople find the insurance solutions they need. I've held this position at Sentry since 2016, and the direct communication I have every day with customers like you makes it a very rewarding experience.

While at Sentry, I also served as an account manager for North Dakota and South Dakota for five years before taking on my current role.

Before joining Sentry, I earned my bachelor’s degree in aeronautical studies from the University of North Dakota and my master’s degree in business administration from Northwood Institute.

I'm proud to do my part in providing the unmatched customer service you deserve. Email me today, and we'll work together to help your business.

What Sentry has to offer

Our service is backed by 120 years of experience. Our agents can help you design a policy that works for your business. Our coverages include:

  1. General liability insurance
  2. Workers’ compensation insurance
  3. Business income insurance
  4. Equipment breakdown insurance

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