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Jeremy Miller

Territory Executive—Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

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“My goal is to be an asset for my brokers and their clients. You can trust me to be knowledgeable, dedicated, and actively engaged.”

About Jeremy Miller

Territory Executive—Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

As a territory executive, I work to help brokers and large business clients discover solutions to their complex risks. Brokers in my territory know I have expertise on the coverages, services, and differentiators we offer at Sentry—from our customizable loss-sensitive workers’ compensation plans to our experienced claims team. I recognize that this is both a bottom-line business and a relationship business, and I bring real value to both.

Your contact for workers’ compensation coverage in Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, and other markets.

I’ve established strong connections with insurance brokers in my territory. I believe my accessibility and commitment to ongoing communication has helped me grow those bonds—along with our shared desire to help our clients by providing loss control services and risk management solutions.

Outside of work, I enjoy distance running, golf, and exploring state parks with my family. If you’d like to know what it’s like to run two full marathons and six half-marathons, you’ve come to the right person.

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