Rancho Mesa Insurance Services

Working together for our clients

Offering local support

At Sentry, our Regional, or mid-market business, underwrites standard commercial lines insurance products through independent agents, supported by Sentry offices in eight regions across the U.S. We provide insurance to a variety of industries, including commercial construction, commercial real estate, manufacturing, retail trade, service, wholesale trade, and golf courses.

We handpick agents like Rancho Mesa Insurance Services to work with our seasoned commercial underwriters located in the same marketplace—in this case, southern California.

Rancho Mesa is a property and casualty insurance agency located in San Diego with a focus on providing solutions for construction, human services, and landscaping clients. President and CEO David Garcia says getting local support from Sentry via underwriting, safety, and claims services has been invaluable.

“In many cases, Sentry actually accompanies us out to a prospect,” Garcia says. “Together, we meet with the insured, walk their property, and see what it actually looks like. You can't do that if that underwriter's located in another state. So having that local presence is a true differentiator for us.”

Protecting our shared clients

“At Rancho Mesa, prioritizing our clients' needs and protecting their businesses is paramount,” Garcia said.

Rancho Mesa has trademarked the phrase OneofOne® to underscore their commitment to delivering uniquely tailored service and thought leadership.  They've developed their own safety app and run a podcast studio, producing two episodes weekly on risk and safety management topics.

Building relationships

Garcia says one of the reasons his agency works so well with Sentry is that both companies are focused on building relationships with their shared clients—and with each other.

What really matters is what happens after transacting a policy, Garcia said. “It's our role to try to protect our clients and become a part of their family. And Sentry Insurance has allowed us to do that,” Garcia said. “They’re a Midwestern company with Midwestern values and we adhere to those same value propositions.”


The results

Garcia says he has a high level of trust and respect for Sentry. “We just feel so comfortable, whether the client’s here in San Diego or northern California or in any other state in the country. The consistency of service that we can expect—and that frankly our clients should demand—is always achieved when we work with Sentry.”

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