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Working together to manage risk

Finding the right fit

For Green Bay Packaging, a large manufacturing business operating in 16 states, the number of workers’ compensation claims each year directly impacts their profit or loss margins. They’ve learned that one key to controlling those margins is working with an insurance provider who helps manage both claims and risk. 

“For us, that’s Sentry,” said Peter Masias, corporate director of safety and risk management for Green Bay Packaging. 

The Kress family started Green Bay Packaging in 1933, manufacturing corrugated shipping containers in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Today, the fullservice packaging company offers innovative corrugated packaging, folding cartons, and coated label stock; operates two containerboard mills; and employs more than 4,500 workers. They’ve been a Sentry customer for more than 10 years.

Managing claims

“Sentry stands head and shoulders above everyone else with their ability to manage those claims and to work with us—even when we disagree about things—to come to a mutual consensus on the right step forward,” Masias said. “Sentry has really been a partner in that respect and is very much appreciated because we make or break our year by our ability to manage claims.”

Managing the risk

The proper management of workers’ compensation claims is a top priority for Green Bay Packaging—right after preventing them in the first place.

“Employees are our greatest asset,” Masias said. “They’re hardworking, dedicated to our business and our company, show up every day, and do a great job for us. It’s our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for them.” And, he added, to get them back to work when they’ve been out due to an injury.

The results

Green Bay Packaging knows we’ll be there for them, managing their claims effectively and making the best decisions possible—not only for the company but for their employees. In the end, Masias said, “It’s about working with a company that understands us, can help us provide that level of expertise we need, and help us manage our risk.”

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