Harrison Machine & Welding

Customer service and connection is the key to success

A personal touch counts

Small business owners know the importance of a personal touch. Their customers rely on them to provide a good product. In turn, customers call on small businesses because they build a relationship with them. In many cases, they build a relationship that becomes 10, 15, or 20 years long. Such is the case for Harrison Machine & Welding.

They’ve been in business for more than 35 years, a three-generation Harrison family business in Olathe, Kansas. Their customers know them, and they know their customers.

“We have customers who leave the company they work for, and they bring the new company projects to us, all the while their old company continues to use our services,” said Vanessa Harrison-Smith. “My grandfather bought the company. My dad and uncle worked for my grandfather, and now I work here along with my brother.”

Insurance solution in a pinch

Customer service—that personal touch—is important to Vanessa and her family-run business. So, when her previous insurance company dropped their coverage, she was looking for a new carrier that could provide for their insurance needs, while offering excellent customer service. Enter Brian Dale, Sentry’s account manager for the region.

“Brian helped us out with a quote and the perfect storm of timing,” said Vanessa. “We felt like the coverage quote, safety offerings, and the connection with Brian were very important in our decision to go with Sentry.”

A phone call or email away

But Vanessa says the connection with Brian didn’t stop with the quote. She calls him when she has questions or concerns, or during the claims process. He’s become a resource for her and the company.

“I know that Brian’s eyes are open to everything that is important for our company,” said Vanessa. “He’s always looking out for how Sentry can help protect us. I’m not an expert on insurance, but he is.”

Online self-service

Vanessa Harrison-Smith also frequents her account information on our online customer risk management website. “I can look things up, whether it is safety information, or coverage information when I have time.”

Care goes both ways

Harrison Machine & Welding makes custom metal parts for a variety of businesses. Everything from metal plates and connectors to bottling equipment and snowplow blades. Safety is a top priority for the company. But sometimes accidents happen. And Sentry is there for them with workers’ compensation insurance. Helping their employees get back on the job when physically possible.

“They want to be safe, as they know how important that is,” said Vanessa. “If you take care of your people, you get back from them in hard work. I think that’s why so many of our employees have stayed with us for so long. Some of our employees have been with us since I was born. They care about us, and we care about them.”

It’s the personal touch that is important. For the company, the employees, the customers—and Sentry.

The results

Harrison Machine & Welding has a strong relationship with their customers, and with Sentry. It’s just how they want it.

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