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Motor carrier insurance

You have people counting on you to keep your commitments. That’s why you take protecting your employees and your cargo seriously. We appreciate your commitment to safety, because we understand the exposures you face. We can help protect what’s important to you—your employees, your fleet, and your cargo. Scroll down to learn more about our insurance solutions for motor carriers.

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Specific policies and coverages for motor carriers

Do your employees occasionally use rented vehicles for company business? We offer insurance for that. We can also protect you from losses due to bodily injury or physical damage caused by an employee, loss-of-use expenses due to the theft of a company vehicle, and the loss of personal effects in a stolen company vehicle. We can help you be proactive and prepared with your insurance coverage. Let’s work together to keep your business moving.

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We can help you improve safety

Our transportation safety services associates have the industry knowledge and experience to help you identify risks and implement safety procedures.

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