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Electronic component manufacturing insurance

You work hard for your business, and we believe you deserve an insurance provider that works just as hard to keep it running smoothly. We know the electronics manufacturing industry, and we’re ready to help you protect what matters—your business, your employees, and your future.

We’ll work with you every step of the way, with coverage plans and industry-specific safety programs that help you manage risk from day one, and 401(k) plans that meet your employees’ needs.

We can help electronic manufacturers:

  1. Protect against exposures like equipment breakdown and property damage
  2. Provide 401(k) plans and online account access
  3. Manage claims quickly and fairly

Insurance solutions and strategies for your present and future

We know your electronics manufacturing business has unique insurance needs, like clean rooms. That’s why the conversations that help us learn about you make all the difference. Our experienced and knowledgeable direct writers will work with you to develop coverage plans that protect you when the time comes, while also helping you control exposures by managing risks. We’ll work with you to develop strong 401(k) plans and safe workplaces—both of which will help you attract quality employees.

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