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Manufacturing insurance

Plastic and rubber goods manufacturers

We have experience in your industry, and we’re ready to assist you and your business. Our specialized coverage plans will help you handle the unique insurance exposures you deal with in plastics or rubber goods. While generic insurance plans can leave you vulnerable to industry-specific exposures, we offer a variety of coverage plans—including worldwide product liability, cyber liability, and equipment breakdown—that will help keep you protected for the long haul.

We can help plastic and rubber goods manufacturers:

  1. Protect against exposures like fire and equipment breakdown
  2. Handle workers’ compensation claims quickly and fairly
  3. Provide employees with 401(k) options 

Successful businesses feature safe facilities and valued employees. We’ll help you with both today. 

We feel the best way for plastic and rubber manufacturers to handle exposures and limit losses is to create safer facilities. We offer a range of specialized services that will help you reduce risk and protect against losses.

When your facility is safe, your employees feel more confident and secure. You can enhance their feelings of security with our 401(k) plans, allowing them to shape their futures with you. 

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