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Safety Services

Sentry’s Safety Services can help business save lives, time and money. Our team of professional safety consultants can assist you with promoting sound product design and appropriate use of farm equipment, which can help reduce losses.

Sentry Knows Your Business

Sentry understands the special exposures farm equipment manufacturers face. Our safety services are designed to address many of your leading concerns, including:

  • Products/Completed operations
  • Machine operations and guarding
  • Materials handling
  • Premises and facility safety
  • Employee safety and injury prevention
  • Hazardous material handling

Sentry’s Specialized Safety Programs

Sentry provides the services farm equipment manufacturers need:

  • Safety consultants knowledgeable in sound product design and proper equipment use
  • Loss control review of equipment safety manuals
  • Workplace safety program development
  • On-site safety and hazard assessments
  • Equipment safety signs and decals review
  • Product liability surveys and assessments
  • Safety committee development
  • Sentry Safety Trainer – online training for your employees

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