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Business Life Insurance

If you die unexpectedly, what would happen to your business? How would your staff react to a sudden loss in leadership? More importantly, who would financially take care of your family and their interest in your business?

A business life insurance plan from Sentry can help ensure that your family and business are taken care of when you die. Sentry’s plans include:

Key Person Protection

Key Person protection replaces lost profits resulting from your unexpected death or the death of a key employee. Learn more

Buy/Sell Protection

Buy/Sell protection ensures that the family members and/or key employees who you designate will be able to continue the business and your estate will receive a fair price. Learn more

Business Debt and Family Income Protection

Business debt protection guards your estate and business from asset liquidating by satisfying mortgage and debt obligations. Income protection also ensures your dependents will continue to receive an income. Learn more


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